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The LED lighting fixtures have significant advantages over traditional lighting systems.

Firstly, the LED products enhance the environment enabling to create scenic settings and customisable solutions: they are therefore the ideal solution for architectural lighting.

Moreover, the LED products, compared to traditional products, ensure greater efficiency, long life, lower maintenance costs and maximum installation flexibility.

Finally, the other advantages of LED lighting include the speed at which they light up, the absence of IR or UV radiation as well as the absence of mercury.

Contact us for an inspection and a free estimate to replace the now obsolete traditional lights with LED ones !

ElettriTec for its LED lighting has chosen to install

Arena Luci, a company specialized in LED lighting, is a qualified manufacturer and a distributor of quality LED lamps able to meet the most different needs. The company, in fact, offers customizable solutions that involve the application of technological and innovative LED lights both in the home and in professional contexts. Arena Luci researches, designs, manufactures and offers a complete range of products that includes different models of indoor lights such as LED lamps, indoor LED spotlights, LED ceiling lights, recessed LED lights, indoor LED spots as well as LED for various uses and outdoor LEDs. With its range of LED lighting products for interiors and exteriors, Arena Luci guarantees tailor-made technical solutions also in the professional field, offering products suitable for use in the entertainment, architectural lighting and street lighting sectors. Arena Luci also offers a design service, creating customized solutions and LED lighting systems that meet the specific requirements of its customers


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